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Car Junction offer all top condition and trouble free Toyota SUVs for sale in Trinidad and Tobago, Montserrat, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, Turks and Caicos Islands, Guyana, Dominica, St. kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Domican Rebublic, Suriname, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and all other Caribbean countries. We carry huge stock of Toyota SUVs including Rav 4, Kluger and others.

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Toyota Rush 2006 in Silver for sale at Car Junction

Buy this Toyota Rush in Silver from Car Junction. Car Junction offer special discounted price on this 2006 model, auto transmission Toyota Rush for buyers and car dealers in Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis,...

Toyota Kluger in Silver for sale 0

Buy Toyota Kluger 2003 Model in Silver

Buy Toyota Kluger 2003 model in silver from Car Junction stock.  This Kluger is equipped with 2.4 Petrol Engine and auto transmission. This Toyota SUV can be shipped to any destination in Caribbean like...

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Buy Japanese used Toyota Rush 2006 in Gray

Car Junction offer Toyota Rush 2006 for sale. This J210E Gray Toyota Rush is an excellent SUV for family use, equipped with  1.5 petrol engine and auto transmission. We carry a huge stock of...


Toyota Rav 4 in Gray 1998 model for sale

Car Junction offer this Toyota Rav 4 model 1998, gray in colour in good condition for sale in Caribbean. This beautiful Toyota Rav 4 is equipped with 2.0 Petrol engine, auto transmission and 3...


Toyota Rav 4 in pearl 2000 model for sale

Toyota Rav 4 is a compact but luxurious family vehicle. People in St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Suriname, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and other Caribbean countries. Car Junction offer this Toyota Rav 4...